About Medoo

What`s Medoo [`medu:]

The word Medoo comes from the Latin word med (middle), that is, the intermedium between PHP and database, and do everything you want between them.

Why Medoo

Medoo is lightweight with only one file, easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, and optimized for high performance to increase the development experience and user experience for the web application. It`s suitable for every PHP development project with an SQL database needed.

The License

Medoo is under MIT license. You can freely use or distribute your project as long as you declare the original copyright information.
Read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIT_License


Any idea? Bugs founded? Or do you want to make some contributions to the Medoo project? We are always welcome!

You can fork the Medoo project on GitHub: https://github.com/catfan/Medoo

Or contact us directly via email: admin@medoo.in